We turn businesses
into brands

People are loyal to brands, not businesses. We help you in the journey of turning your business into a loved brand. We bridge the divide between you and your customers with effective and simple branding solutions.


Everyone loves the simple things of life–the Nike swoosh, the Starbucks’ friendliness. We aim to make running business simpler. And when it comes to visual elements, we keep time simple and timeless.

Attentive to Details

We are detail-oriented. Every colour tone, line, or letter we use in branding your business is chosen based on what best reflects the kind of brand you seek to build. The little things matter to us, and it is clear in our approach towards your brand.


It isn’t a great design if it doesn’t work. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing and detailed, our designs and solutions simply get the job done. Our aim is to make your brand grow, and this guides every solution we offer to you.


Like a watering can is to a plant, so are we to your business. The growth of your brand is important to us. We focus on solutions that bring noticeable and exponential growth to your business, no matter the industry you’re in.

Our Works

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SP Apparel
  • Branding
SP Apparel
  • Branding
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Farm Kash
  • Branding
Farm Kash
  • Branding

Let us help you build you the brand of your dreams

Why work with us?

Most markets are saturated with businesses, with few brands. If you wonder what we mean by a brand. A brand is a business that has clearly defined and articulate purpose. While many believe in these purposes, showing it becomes the problem. What we do at Scrutiney is to walk with businesses in making the most of them (in terms of profit and sustainability)

We help you stay ahead by creating effective branding & marketing solutions to make your brand stand out. Like a proud mother to a child, we are most excited when we see your business grow.