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The Agency for Audacious Beauty Brands

We are a bespoke agency for beauty businesses that are determined to stand out

What we do?

Bespoke Agency for Beauty Business

Do you dream of building a beauty brand worth dying for? Scrutiney enables founders like yourself to differentiate, reach, and connect with your consumers through 4 core services: Brand Strategy, Branding, Product Packaging, and E-commerce Marketing.

why we do it

Nurturing Beauty Businesses to Prominence!

Scrutiney is the agency for audacious beauty brands. We are not just another branding agency. We specialize in helping beauty businesses find their niche for faster growth.

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What We Specialize In

Brand Strategy

Explore our brand strategy service and discover how to set your beauty brand on the path to success. From defining your unique selling point to crafting a captivating brand story,  we’ve got your back.

Brand Identity Design

Make your beauty brand become worth dying for with our brand identity design service. From crafting timeless logos to curating stunning color palettes, we know just how to make your beauty business stand out.

Product Packaging
Ready to redefine your product’s first impression? Let’s design beauty from the outside in! From product package design, to product photoshoot. Let’s get some glow-up on your product.
E-commerce Marketing

We offer e-commerce services that enables you to sell across different countries. We ensure your customers love their shopping experience on your website or platform. We’ve got your beauty store covered.

Case Studies

Get a 15-minute discovery call worth $50 for free

They talk about us

"Virtually everyone who has shopped from the website mentioned how seamless and easy it was to navigate through it. Kudos Scrutiney. Thank you"

VSP Botanics
VSP Botanics

"Excellent! I love that I was carried all through the process and I was offered professional suggestions to help me make an informed decision, and most importantly, my vision was brought to life, it's what I wanted and more, the authenticity & uniqueness of my brand logo is simply exceptional! Thank you"

Kristen Pearl
Kristen Pearl

Get a 15-minute discovery call worth $50 for free

We are here to empower you to stand out, connect with your audience, and thrive in the ever-evolving beauty industry.

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