Learn Web Design Easily - No Coding Knowledge Required

This course will teach you everything you need know about creating stunning websites from the scratch. No coding required. This training is designed to equip people with professional web design skills, in building their career and creating a source of revenue.

You will be taught the basics of designing a professional website.  The training is online based which means you can sip your tea and learn. The training is fully practical and you will be given daily tasks to ensure you get the hang of what you learn.

What You Will Learn:

Website Basics

  • Introduction to the anatomy of a website
  • Domain name and hosting setup (nameservers, etc)
  • Content preparation (image resizing, copies, etc)
  • Cpanel overview
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • WordPress anatomy
  • Understanding plugins
  • Getting premium themes

Website Design

  • Creating a company website
  • Creating a news blog
  • E-commerce website
  • Landing pages
  • Site customization
  • Setting up payment integration, order alerts, etc
  • Social media integration

Site Completion

  • Site security
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Adding live chat (WhatsApp)
  • Creating customized emails (E.g: nifemi@scrutiney.com)
  • Etc

Explore our web projects

Construction Company Website Mockup

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FSL web design mockup

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Organization website mockup

Bridgeup Africa

Training Fee: N10,000

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