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I started Scrutiney as a t-shirt customizing business as a university undergraduate. I’ve always had a thing against boring and non-creative t-shirts, so I decided to start making cooler ones. It was after I produced my first set of t-shirts that I discovered that it takes more than having cool products to sell them. I struggled to sell my creative t-shirts. This was what inspired me to delve into marketing so as to understand the psychology behind why people buy things. I sought to answer questions such as: what makes a product desirable? What do people consider before buying? And like any worthy endeavor, I invested a great amount of time and effort before getting it right. 

Here are some milestones that Scrutiney has gone through before becoming the result-driven marketing company we now are


2017 - 2018
Branded over 200 businesses across Nigeria, USA, France, and China
2019 - 2020
Deployed 3 nationwide marketing campaigns in Nigeria
2020 - 2021
Won Facebook Grant for Digital Impact
2021 - 2022
Racked up over 100 million advertising impressions
We have the perfect solution to your marketing challenges

Our Services


Experiential Marketing

We terminate boring marketing by developing ideas that help businesses convert strangers to buyers, and buyers to ambassadors. We do this by designing an experience for your customers. This may be offline or online.

Web Design

We develop websites for businesses looking to attract or convert more people beyond their current touchpoints.
Ecommerce websites (with global payment acceptance)
Corporate websites, Landing pages

Digital Adverts

We develop cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns with results guaranteed
Facebook/Instagram campaigns, Email marketing/automation, Search engine optimization (SEO), LinkedIn Sales Campaigns


There are 3 reactions to designs: yes, no, and wow. We go for the wow…yes! Stand out with professionally designed creatives
Branding, Brochures, Advertising graphics & videos

Business Model Design:

Struggling to find your unique proposition in your industry? We use strategy cascade to help you find your blue ocean, even in red oceans.

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